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Home Experts is your best choice in finding the finest home maintenance company in Dubai, UAE. Whether you need help with a leaky faucet or the whole piping system, fixing electrical wires and breaker, cleaning / maintaining and installing your air condition unit(s), problems with rodent / cockroaches or any other pests infestations, major and minor house repairs, cupboard installation, maid cleaning services for both commercial and residential units and paint jobs for home interior and exterior.. You name it, we got it!


We are a group of vibrant young professionals who have been working in the upkeep area for years. Through this, we guarantee that we can deliver great service to every home in Dubai. Our 24/7 Technical Staff and Customer Service are also able to converse in English, Arabic and other languages. We do not build communication walls between the company and our clients. It is our utmost commitment to understand your every need when it comes to home maintenance services.


Home Experts may be new in this sector, but we promise to only give the best services there is. We give importance to our name, because we believe that valuing the company name can prolong their stay in the business. Our focus is to provide excellent service so that the company will have its worth.


As a home maintenance company, Home Experts offers you an element of convenience that cannot be found anywhere else in Dubai. We are committed to:


Honesty -- Home Experts upholds its integrity by keeping an open communication with our clients when it comes to our prices and the time estimations on doing the home maintenance service.

Value for Money -- Our company is transparent with its pricings. We do not lie just to gain your trust. We guarantee that there are no hidden charges and you can be sure that we will only deliver quality home maintenance service(s) with what you pay for.

Efficiency and Reliability -- Home Experts is built with a team of dependable, honest, trustworthy and punctual workers who do not prolong work or project if not necessary. We deliver our services on time.


With our company, you won’t need anybody else to do the work for you. It is unnecessary for you to go finding another home maintenance company, because at Home Experts, we got it all! Plus, we also have packages that will fit your need and your budget not to mention discounts!


At Home Experts, We Do It Right! Inquire with us today!  

Maintenance Packages and Other Services

We are not just here to fix your problems. We are here to help you avoid them in the first place.

Our comprehensive home maintenance packages allow you to protect your home, your family and your investments.


• 24/7 Emergency Response

• Unlimited Emergency Call Out

• 3x Preventive Maintenance per Year

  (3x AC, Electrical and Plumbing)




Other Services Offered

• Water Tank Cleaning

• AC Duct Cleaning

• Tiling and Masonry Works

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*Includes 1 hour free manpower.

...on emergency call outs!

Home Maintenance Services


Don't lose your cool over a problem with your air-conditioning! We offer AC installation, cleaning and maintenance service.


Our specialist plumbers can fix stubborn blocks and serious leaks quickly and efficiently. Whether you have a problem with your kitchen sink or outside guttering, we can help.


We know the feeling of frustration that arises when you lose power due to a faulty circuit breaker or wiring, or any number of other situations, and we’re determined to ease your suffering. If you are looking for professional electrical services, our well-trained and fully-equipped technicians are available to handle your inquiries and their friendly demeanor will put you at eas throughout the entire process!


We offer a wide range of solutions for your complete interior and/or exterior home repair, renovation and painting needs. Our skilled craftsmen provide all the work you require, from repairs to painting and more.


Our team can fix numerous minor and major home repairs in a variety of areas efficiently and on time.


You deserve to have a home free of bugs and rodents. We will help you get rid of those unwanted guests by utilizing the most powerful methods available.


Home Maintenance Experts offers superior, professional residential and commercial cleaning services for busy clients. Our staff has undergone rigorous training to provide you the high quality service you want. Our team of professional cleaners are always courteous, respectful and hard working and trustworthy.

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